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Belloc family (West Sussex, England)



Family of author Hilaire Belloc, which includes his grandparents, Joseph Parkes (1796-1865), Elizabeth Raynor Priestly Parkes (1797-1877), Jean-Hilaire Belloc (1786-1866), and Anne-Louise Swanton Parkes (1796-1881); his parents, Louis Belloc and Bessie Raynor Parkes Belloc (1829-1925); his wife, Elodie Hogan Belloc (1868-1914); their children including Eleanor Philippa Jebb (1899-1979), Elizabeth Yvonne Jebb (1901-1967), Hilary Belloc (1902-1977), Peter Belloc (died 1941), and Louis Belloc (died 1918); and their grandchildren Barbara Belloc (1930-1995) and her son, Charles Eustace (1954-). Eustace acquired the Belloc family home, Kingsland, in 1980-81.